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April 07, 2007


Bernie Cruz

i'm doing a school report and it would be nice if you answered these questions for me as soon as possible.

1. What interested you in going into your field of expertise?
2. What chemistry courses did you take in high school and in colllege to complete the requirements to become a dermatologist?
3. What other fields of work can an individual with your credentials do?
4. What other positions have you held before going into the field you are in now?
5. What is the salary range of someone in your field expect?

Christopher Marsiglia Sr.

I am recovering from a compression fracture of the lower spine. A result was Arthritis wwhich is causing me a lot of pain in the hip area. I have been taking fish oil anf MSM three time a day. The pain is slowly getting better. However, I have a problem with painand swelling in my lower legs including my feet. I thought that fluid retention was the cause. However, after propping my feet on the wall every day, the swelling has gone down, but I still have a burning pain in my feet which does not subside and gets worse at night in bed, What can I do about this if anything?

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