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October 20, 2008



I've discovered a group that believes nutritional supplements can aid those fighting cancers. Check out the website:

Gregory D. Pawelski

Evidence-based medicine is based on data from medical journal articles, epidemiology and economics, which relies on randomized clinical trials, which doesn't even require a medical education. Nonphysicians trained in social science, science or even public policy analysis, have judgement over medicine.

Where doctors defined the "standard of care," now payers and purchasers of medical services redefine the standards for appropriate medical care, encouraging doctors to act in ways to promote their financial interest when they make medical decisions. Evidence-based medicine has morphed into pharma-based medicine and HMO-based medicine.

The use of clinical trials to establish prescribing guidelines for evidence-based medicine is highly criticized because such trials have little relevance for the individual patient in the real world, the individuality and uniqueness of each patient.

The specialty medical societies protect the status of treatments which are only marginally and minimally and inconsistently effective. This prevents serendipitous and fortuitous discovery. I feel that truly effective treatments or tests don't need prospective randomized trials.

Large academic cancer institutions that are soulfully involved in clinical trials feel a subtle pull towards getting patients involved in those trials. Some researchers discourage patient empowerment so they can call the shots through these trials. They've even broaden their appeal by encompassing community hospital oncology practices.

Evidence-based medicine is a trial-and-error process of a clinical trial to see what might "appear" to be improving cancer survival. It is the mindset of rewarding academic achievement and publication over all else. There is this aurora that organizations, government agencies, scientists, researcher and even practitioners work together, sharing information for the benefit of patients.

Each group has its own priorities and its own agenda. Moreover, the image of cooperation between these different groups only gives the illusion that reform isn't needed. The present system exists to serve academic achievement and publication, but not to serve the best interests of people.

The demise of the "discoverer" type with its not so well organized risk-taking, in favor of the "investigator" culture, well organized, exhaustive analysis of trivial hypotheses, is a perfect example of thirty years of the "trial and error" mind-set that has occupied cancer research.

A dysfunctional culture that pushes tens of thousands of physicians and scientists toward the goal of finding the tiniest improvements in treatment rather than genuine breakthroughs, that rewards academic achievement and publication even though their proven activity has little to do with "curing" cancer.

I have questioned guideline messages on the basis of profit conflicts. The joint Michigan/Harvard study confirmed how medical oncologists chose cancer chemotherapy based on how much money the chemotherapy earns the medical oncologist.

This study added to the "smoking gun" survey "Patterns of Care" by Dr. Neil Love. While the Michigan/Harvard study showed results before the new Medicare reform, the Patterns of Care study showed results that the Medicare reforms are still not working.

The same can be said for whole brain radiation vs stereotatic (focalized) therapy. Looking at the number of palliative fractions of radiation given to patients with advanced lung cancer is a situation in which there is a lot of discretion on the part of the physicians: one fraction is as good as 10, but 10 will reimburse more.

There is an inherent conflict of interest when organizations that provide guidelines for treating a disease also receive funding from corporations that benefit financially from the recommended treatment. There is no proof beyond reasonable doubt for any approach to treating advanced cancer today. There is only the bias of clinical investigators as a group and as individuals.

Hanne Roschke/Denmark

I've just read 'Bad Science' by Dr. Ben Goldacre.
Fascinating tour of the trial practices of both alternative medicine and pharmaceutical companies. It also teaches us - as patients - how to see through the bogus trials/research.
Readable, amusing and scary.
Read more about him at:

Patricia Hendrick

I have been translating for a Ukranian doctor a few times a year and I'm facinated by his work and would love to talk to David Servan-Schreiber about his work. I'm reading Anti cancer at the moment and there are a few other things that I would like to share with him

L. Schwartz

I just read the article in the AARP magazine about Dr.Schreiber and was greatful for his recognizing that what we put into our bodies plays a huge part of battling cancer, but beyond that, to build up our immune systems.
About a year ago, we came across some great information concerning glycobiology and glyconutrients and how that plays a huge part in the body and the cells communicating properly for optimal health.
Just one thing about trying to eat properly. It is almost impossible to get the proper nutrition simply through foods in our world today. According to the 1992 Earth Summit, the USA has thw worst soil in the world--85% depleted. This means the potency of our food supple is not able to sustain optimum health. the amount of toxins in our environment has reached a level where the FDA now has designated 'permissible levels of dioxin and other harmful chemicals in the environment. Today we have over 300 chemical toxins including dioxin in the tissues that were not found in any human befor 1940.
There are many other factors leading to poor health in our nation. But the discovery of Glyobiology has been a major breakthrough of how our cells communicate, that cells have a language, made up of 'letters' and 'words'. the 'words' are called glycoproteins mad up ov various sugar molecules know as saccharides attached in pearl like strands to protein stems. These words extend off the surface of every cell and can change th ousands of times in a second. Disease and dysfunction occurs when the components necessary for cell-to-cell communication are absent.

Dr. John Axford, MD, leading expert in theis field of glycobiology and President of Clinical Immunilogy, Toyal Academy of Medicine, stated at a health conference recenlty, 'Sugars are going to be the molecules of the next decade. Glycobiology is one of the last fronties of science to be conquered and it's going to be at the cutting edge of a large number of discoveries and therapies over the next decade.

There's a lot of research on the glyconutrients. We, ourselves have been taking them for over a year now, and the results are extremely positive.

Just wanted to share this.
Thank you.

Nicholas Ilijic

Having had my 3 brain operation in 13 years, I suffered from blood clots this last time.

The Cumidin I take to stop the clots is effected by most green veg plus others colours and green tea ginseng, wine, beer... it's a long list stopping me from your cancer diet.

As brain tumors get larger cloting is a common problem.

Mae Benson

Dr. Arthur Furst from Stanford University was a developer of oral chemotherapy -- he later went to work for GNLD International, his research with whole food nutrients such as carotenoid complex boosted the immune system 37% in just 20 days -- (New York Academy of Sciences) for more information

Panic Away

Thanks alot for the information. Really appreciate it. I've Subscribed to your RSS feed for Further updated. Ive read this book, thanks for the review.

Best Regards,
Debra@Panic Away

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seems like everything causes cancer nowadays. It is interesting though how many studies are coming out lately.

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The term is often used in contrast to scientific evidence, such as evidence-based medicine, which are types of formal accounts. Some anecdotal evidence does not qualify as scientific evidence because its nature prevents it from being investigated using the scientific method.


I had rhuematic fever when I was 18. For months I had the traditional treatment: 1.2 million units of bicillin LA shot into my hip twice a week, and no apparent improvement. I started taking Siberian gingseng and within a month, my blood tests were coming back normal. My doctor thought it a conincidence, but he told me to just keep doing what I was doing - just in case.



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Screening by NCI of 35,000 herbs for potential anti-cancer action determined that 3000 plants have some usefulness in fighting cancer. Sacred Medicine Sanctuary offers a variety of tonics, teas, boluses, and extracts containing herbs known to be effective in cancer treatment.

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It really is too bad that more people don't know about alternative cancer treatments. Lately I have been reading about Vitamin C treatments being very effective. Worth exploring further indeed.

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A lot of "alternative medicine" theorists believe that most of our health issues are caused by processed foods, and of course excessive behaviors. Seems like if that were the case, we would adapt to those chages over time.

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I mean, how many generations would it take for the body to acclimate to refined sugar?

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