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this history is very scared, i cannot believe how drug companies are in corruption, i think that this must change because i am in disagree with this.

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Awesome article provided by author.doctors all around the world should be punished for this dreadful act....

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Really amazing post, This article tells the true story of the real world and how corrupted the people are of every profession, It shows how corrupted the doctors are in their profession.
Now a days all people even the doctors work only for money and not to take care of patients.

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There is no option to stop such corruption and it is bitter truth. But At least It should not happen to the health sector. That is very wrong.

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I admire Dr. Marcia Angell's courage to expose corruption of drug company and doctors.She is a good citizen.Justice is in her side.

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Never too old to learn.*

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That's not the only egregious case - there are many. As it turns out a recent survey found that about two thirds of academic medical centers hold equity interest in companies that sponsor research within the same institution... And here is another one: Of the 170 contributors to the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), ninety-five had financial ties to drug companies. The top dogs aside, many physicians accept hefty salaries to consult for drug companies, and most accept pharmaceutical gifts like pens and free lunches.

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The goal is to get citizens designing and discussing facilities. The project does not address system design, but you could use the same model.

If citizens addressed system design in this project it would probably be useful for discussion purposes only, though, as professionals have more tools and knowledge to create good designs. By crowdsourcing bus stop designs, they are gathering ideas that otherwise might not surface.

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the only body empowered to take action against registered medical practitioners for unethical practices " is desisting from taking action against doctors booked

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great to read the story.

In this article, Dr. Angell reviews these three books. But her article is far more than just a book review!

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His new series of black and white portraits expresses the humanity and dignity behind the pathology of persons living with severe mental illness. Accompanying the images are short narratives about their lives, hopes, and dreams. Join us on Saturday::@

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His new series of black and white portraits expresses the humanity and dignity behind the pathology of persons living with severe mental illness. Accompanying the images are short narratives about their lives, hopes, and dreams. Join us on Saturday::@

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