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March 02, 2009


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Lela Landman

I would like to know a dosage for using Alpha Lipoic Acid if you can't get a doctor to prescibe it in IV form. how much do you have to take in capsule form to treat metastatic breast cancer to the bones and also Polymyositis? I have just started LDN -4.5mg about a month ago.
Lela Landman


I'm very curious why Dr. Berkson is using alpha lipoic acid, rather than R+lipoic acid which I'm told is the form used by the body? I've been taking LDN for over a year and I never catch any colds that go through my household anymore. It is a fantastic immune booster. I think people should consider taking it to reduce their risk of swine flu.

Chris Malkove

I saw Dr. Berkson in February of this year out in Las Cruces for my Hepatitis C. While there, he prescribed 3 mg. Low Dose Naltrexone that I was to take at bedtime each night.

In May, I had lab work done and my results were remarkable. My liver enzymes dropped down to normal and my HCV viral load went from over a million to 49,000!

In September, my viral load dropped down to 18,000.

Dr. Berkson changed my life!!

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But I never force anybody to do these things. I ask them, “What do you want to do? Do you want to stick with the rheumatologist?” (Actually, I tell them always to stick with their rheumatologist or their oncologist.) “But do you want to try something a little different?” Many of them say, “No, I’m really happy with what I’m doing.” And I say, “That’s fine.” I would never want to force anything on anyone, and I don’t want anybody to force anything on me. Almost all of these patients we treated with autoimmune disease got better.

Ervin Eichenwald

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I saw Dr. Berkson in February of this year out in Las Cruces for my Hepatitis C. While there, he prescribed 3 mg. Low Dose Naltrexone that I was to take at bedtime each night.
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