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May 18, 2010


FertilAid for Women

Dr. Bihari he was so great!!
Thank you Dr. Bihari for having a cure for some diseases..

cyndi lenz

Dr Bihari was an amazing, inspiring and generous person who has saved thousands of lives around the world. Thank you for inspiring me!

Mary Bradley

We are deeply saddened by the loss of such a wonderful Doctor, man and friend. Thank you, Dr Bihari, for giving thousands of people and their families their lives back thanks to your discovery of the human benefits and clinical application of Low Dose Naltrexone. We are forever indebted to you. Jacqueline, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Mary and Noel Bradley

Julia Schopick

I, too, want Jackie to know what an influence Dr. Bihari had on my life. I haven't told many people, but I first learned about Dr. Bihari from my dear friend Dennis Roth.

When my husband Tim's brain tumor came back in 2001, Dennis called me and said, "You've got to talk with Dr. Bernard Bihari. He's the 'real deal.'" And so I spoke with Dr. Bihari -- what a wonderful man he was!! -- and he prescribed LDN for Tim.

Unfortunately, Tim died -- several years later -- as a result of a surgery; not as a result of his tumor.

Thank you, Dr. Bihari, for everything you have done for so many people.

John Donnelly

Thanks To Dr Bihari my wife of 26 years is alive and well after taking LDN for cancer. Jackie you must be so proud of your wonderful husband. Our hearts and prayers are with you at this sad time.


I would like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to Dr. Bihari and his pioneering work with LDN & its uses. Because of his work I now have the 15 years that Fibromyalgia & CFS has stolen from me, given back to not only me, but my Husband & Children too!
I am deeply saddened by this sad news but am equally strengthened by the knowledge that his legacy will now pave the way for our future, a better future for everyone!! My thoughts are with his family xxx

Karen Galley

Such sad news about a wonderful man who obviously cared for people.
On behalf of all those who have benefitted a huge thank you. Your legacy will live on and on....
Sleep peacefully xx

Dr Edmond O`Flaherty

I have prescribed LDN for very many patients over the last five years and it really has had a remarkable effect on many of them. Some people discover a drug that helps a small group of patients or one particular condition but LDN seems to be effective for many diseases.Thank you Dr Bihari for making so many lives fulfilled where little or no hope existed.

Janis Kracht

Our most sincere condolences. Thank you for all your insight and most wonderful help whenever I'd speak and work with Dr. Bihari over the last 5 years. He will never be forgotten, his gentle spirit and concern for multitudes will live on forever in our hearts.
Thank you again.

Janis Kracht (Binghamton NY).

Bev Kean

We never knew Dr.Bihari personally but his name is often mentioned in our house as the doctor who thought outside the box and promoted the use of LDN. I have a husband who, after five years of LDN, is still walking, talking and working.
Your legacy will live on in the healthy lives of all the people who are benefiting from LDN. Thank you.

Burt Berkson

I learned about LDN from a patient 12 years. He was given a terminal cancer diagnosis in addition to suffering from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. After visiting Dr. Bihari he returned to New Mexico free from disease. I have seen so many people who were told to go to hospice, recover from their disorders.

I only visited with Dr. Bihari a few times over the telephone and
found him to be kind, intelligent, and generous with information about his innovative studies.

What a great man and what a loss to the reasonable people in this world.

Burt Berkson MD MS PhD

Aletha Wittmann

I will never forget watching my husband's first interview over the phone with Doctor Bihari. It was the first glimmer of hope and relief I had seen in him in over 3 months since he had been diagnosed with MS. Being a scientist, Paul was very skeptical of LDN and the many claims that people were making. I don't know exactly what Dr. Bihari said to him but he completely changed my husbands perspective on this drug and its ability to help him. And here we are 5.5 years later with basically all symptoms gone and no progression. Bless Dr. Bihari for giving my husband his life back (and so many others as well).


Thank you Dr Bihari, for stepping out side of the box and bringing LDN to the world, I should have been dead over three years ago, but thanks to your work, I am still here.... On your behalf we spread the word...What a legacy...

Margaret Schooling

My sincere condolences to Jackie for her loss.

Dr Bihari's work has given life back to me, to thousands of others, maybe hundreds of thousands, and certainly will to many more in the future.

Esther Vasa

My heartfelt condolences to Dr. Bihari's family on Dr. Bihari's demise. The world lost a genuine man, one without whom many would have still been suffering... Thanking Dr. Bihari for his research on LDN.

Sunny O'Malley

Dr. Bernard Bihari was an angel to all of us who knew him here on earth. I will always remember his kindness to Dad and me at a time when we needed it most - Dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow plasma cancer) at age 87. The prognosis was dim, as Dad refused chemotherapy and radiation. Dr. Bihari accepted my father as a patient and saved his life by putting the cancer in remission with LDN (4.5 mg nightly).

I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Bihari and Jackie numersous times, and my only regret was that I did not meet him in person. I hold him in the highest regard as one of the finest person's I have been blessed to know. With Love and Prayers to All - Sunny Sedlock O'Malley

Janet Perry aka Garnet

An amazing story that is still being told, Dr Bihari will always be at the center of LDN discussions as the first physician to prescribe LDN. He will be missed and long remembered in the hearts of many. The world needs more physicians with his ethics and vision. I hope that in the near future his story is more widely told, perhaps even a movie. Millions would benefit. There is so much more to be accomplished with LDN and so many more people to be helped. I am thankful to be part of this story, even just a very small part. It's very empowering in the face of such devastating diseases to have the knowledge that Dr Bihari and the many who came before and after him have shared about LDN.


My condolences go out to the Bihari family. I can’t thank this man enough for helping countless people with various autoimmune diseases, cancer and HIV/AIDS. I owe my life to him because without LDN, I may not be here today.

Dr. Dudley Delany

Dr. Bihari should receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine for pioneering the remarkable and wide-ranging health benefits of taking a small nightly dose of Naltrexone.

Anita Meyers

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Dr. Bihari at this sad time. He will be dearly missed by so many. The thousands of us who have benefited from his work with LDN will be forever grateful to him.

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Great Doctor's Thanks for sharing their profile.
They all are very appreciable person.I would like to appreciate Dr. Bihari
for their contribution.



Interesting take on this issue.

Faye (Berk) Weiner

Bernard Bihari was my friend, Barbara's older brother. It is wonderful to read about him and his accomplishments.


I honor a complex and fascinating man. May his pioneering work with LDN spread far and wide, and soon see adoption by the broader medical community. May Dr. Bihari's children and family know comfort, and recall the best of days with their father, partner, and brother.


Condolences to Mrs. Bihari - I share your grief over the loss of a fine and honorable man who as a result of his contribution to medicine transformed my young, newlywedded daughter from a life full of spasms, fatigue, depression, and sensory symptoms gone wild to one full of life, hope, love, and dreams again!! He will always hold a very special and dear place in my heart! Thank you Dr. Bihari!

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