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February 10, 2011


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Carlos Reynes, MD

Congratulations on making #1 in Immune System books, and #2 in the Holistic category!!
Your book as wonderful message...that there may always be other options for what ails you. I hope more people get your book and learn about potentially life saving treatments.

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I am hardly a person who reads some stuff but your writing style glued me to the article. Great work man


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another success for your books, and a must read one..that was also a great interview, I am a fan with Dr. Hoffman


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I have someone I know who has end stage liver disease caused by Hep. C...will the Alpha Lipoic Acid and LDN help? He has tried everything else. thanks

Brent T, Scott Sr.

Julia are you in potsdam n.y.? Ilive in rome n.y. if you are in potsdam iwould kike to meet and tell you about my treatments with accupuncture. i heard you on coast tocoast the other night.

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Medicine could save our life. Need is to take prescribed medicines only by good doctors.


Nice post there is. I take medicine only when its really needed.

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