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No surprises here: financial pressures have an impact on behavior. I don't fault the docs for trying to stay in the game rather than quitting, but if we want better overall outcomes we must continue to push for changes in the underlying paradigm of payment and measurement.

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Varje vårdgivare ska byta till ett EMR lösning. Pappersbaserade register och recept är ett minne blott nu och det skulle vara bäst för både läkare och patienter att dra nytta av deras funktioner och tillgänglighet.

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Cada equipo de salud debe cambiar a una solución EMR. Registros basados ​​en papel y las recetas son cosa del pasado ahora y que sería mejor para los dos médicos y pacientes a tomar ventaja de sus características y accesibilidad.

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Jeder Arzt sollte zu einer EMR-Lösung zu wechseln. Papier-basierte Protokolle und Rezepte sind eine Sache der Vergangenheit und jetzt wäre es am besten für Ärzte und Patienten zu nutzen, ihre Merkmale und die Zugänglichkeit zu nehmen.

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Dr. Bihari: My medical training started at Harvard Medical School. I graduated in 1957. Then I trained in Internal Medicine at one of the Harvard teaching hospitals in Boston, Beth Israel, and then in Neurology at Massachusetts General in Boston.

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Most of our knowledge of ancient Hebrew medicine during the 1st millennium BC comes from the Torah, i.e. the Five Books of Moses, which contain various health related laws and rituals.


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